Time to get off CoreBlog (Scaling issues...)

Zope instance holding basically just this blog and Soni's wound up taking 7GB on disk and is unable to reliably load the blog. That's kind of ridiculous, so we're going to have to migrate to some new software. Tim has spent some time packing the DB so that we're temporarily running, but the spammers are still a-clobbering and the Zope approach in CoreBlog just doesn't seem to be able to deal with it.

Expect some link breakage and general instability over the next few weeks folks.


  1. betabug

    betabug on 06/14/2008 2:20 a.m. #

    Sorry to see you go. My own experience with coreblog is that of extreme stability. I did have to implement anti-spam measures, mostly made by myself, since COREBlog 1 seems to lay a bit forgotten by its developer, but with those in place it works well.

    I'll inquire on the COREBlog list about the future of the product, maybe if Atsushi Shibata doesn't want to update the product any more, I'll fork and publish a version with all the "modern" stuff added.

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