Redefine postmodernism and it gets more interesting...

Continuing to follow up on what's going on in post-modern theory these days.  Particularly reading Jenck's "The New Paradigm in Architecture", which is basically a review of the bulk of the work in the post-modern movement.

Biggest take-away so far is that I've studied most or all of these people already.  I just wasn't thinking of them necessarily as "post modernists".  I was thinking of them as using "Eclecticism" or "Contextualism" or "Biomorphism", and seeing them as having a set of ideas which could be used by anyone to inform their designs.

Jencks, however, sees them all as a single movement and presents them as such though the actual habits and ideas might have grown from earlier movements.  The effect of what I'd thought of as post modernism, the complexity, layering, and the idea of the gestalt whole permeats the work of the whole group AFAICS, but post-modernism really does seem more to be a mile-post beyond which application of theories from any age are now considered to belong to the "movement".

Fun read so far.  Much still to go.


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