StarPy grows rudimentary hierarchic IVR menus (UI toolkit for voice?)

Okay, there's a new release of StarPy up. This adds menu support with the commonly desirable operations (e.g. options to go up a level, repeating the prompt a limited number of times if the user doesn't respond, that kind of thing). The same API also provides a basic enter-digits handler, though I'll need to produce some sound files to let it have options for reviewing, cancelling and the like.

Unfortunately, my Asterisk install is still playing GSM-encoded files at 1/2 or 1/4 speed, and I still can't get Audacity to work at all, so I'm not likely to get the sound files recorded on this machine, even crudely (incidentally, Festival-generated speech plays fine across the same link that plays GSM files too slowly).

I have an early meeting tomorrow, so I suppose I should get to bed now. Enjoy yourselves.


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