Need to expand vbo support... and support/contribution emails

The vbo module in PyOpenGL is currently making a bad assumption, namely that the value passed to gl*Vertex functions should be 0, it could be any integer to indicate an offset.  I'm thinking of creating a class which can be used to create offsets into the vbo which will always just be the offset:
glVertexPointerd( ..., my_vbo + 230 )

I'd thought most people packed 1 array per vbo, apparently packing lots of data into the vbo and indexing/updating windows into it is more common.  That's from some old email that's been sitting in my "you really, really, really need to read this some day for PyOpenGL" pile for way too long.  Been working through that pile a bit this evening.

There's also a great set of demos from Peter Roesch that was sitting in that set of emails, they have shaders, nurbs, beziers, all sorts of nice, self-contained demonstrations and pieces of reusable code (GPL licensed, though, so we'll need to have them separate from the main demo).

A bit of general cleanup work and a bug fix as well.


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