Developer's Manual for OLPC (Plus emulation...)

Spent the day organising and rewriting the Developer's Manual and Emulation manual for the OLPC. Still have lots of work to do pulling information in from the wild corners of the wiki, taming the emulation stuff so that it's readable and coherent, and then filling in the missing bits. At least part of that will be taking the FAQ questions and integrating them into the text.

Also updated my conversion script to download the joyride and update.2 streams, instead of the now seemingly abandoned "devel" stream. I'm now uploading the first Joyride build, there's already an update.2 build there. I've asked Danny for a login on xs-dev so that I can run this stuff there, instead of downloading it all on my slow cable-modem link.

Oh, since I haven't mentioned it yet, I added an SVG rendering Sprite class to OLPCGames and improved the project-generating code so that it works nicely to produce a new OLPCGames-derived project instantly with all the boilerplate you need to package and run under Sugar. Lots of bug fixes in there too. Will release 1.3 soon with those changes, available in git for now.


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