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July 28, 2008 - Aug. 3, 2008

Networking is hard, hard == fun

Had a lovely chat with Li-Fan down at Linux Caffe this evening, then home for dinner and playing with qnet. I'm enjoying playing with different strategies for the library (parallelizing delivery, seems to just flush the caches rather than speeding delivery, for instance).  Really, it's that ability to play with strategies that I see being ...

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Whether to tie qnet or not?

I've been working a bit on pyqnet over the weekend.

  • refactored into multiple modules in a package with a setup script
  • I've got a UDP-level implementation (i.e. real network level operations)
  • statistics gathering is started
  • the beginnings of adaptive retry/backoff code are there (i.e. resend frequency based on normal connection latency)
  • fixed handling of lossy ...

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