Silly little Eric4 helper script released...

I'm a happy Eric4 user.  I use very little of the "IDE" functionality, other than the project browser and source-code editor.  I am, however, very happy with just that.  I remove the rest of the windows and have a nice clean environment for coding that is snappy and has all the key-bindings I've worn into my fingers.

However, I am very much a command-line VCS user as well.  I prefer to use the command line for all of my bzr/hg/git/cvs/svn operations... which is what lead me to create a command-line script that uses an already-checked out respository to generate an Eric4 project file.

Not much else to say about it.  It's a trivial script, I don't even know that it will work on anyone else's machine, but there it is.  It's totally not the way to go about it, I'm sure, but I've been using it happily for years and  maybe there are other crusty command-line users out there who might find it useful.


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