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Aug. 4, 2008 - Aug. 10, 2008

Finally clearing the py3d backlog

Afraid I've been putting off entering the various Py3D projects that people have been sending me (kept thinking I'd get my act together and rewrite the script to use a DB).  Anyway, since that doesn't seem to be happening, I've entered everything that was sitting in my email inbox into the ...

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Nuclear Genies and Racism

Had a conversation a little while back that keeps echoing.  The topic was a mildly racist event of some sort, I don't particularly remember what.  The key question was this: "what's the big deal?"  After all, the event didn't particularly change anyone's life.  My answer at the time was along these ...

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Two pings forward...

Spent the day on qnet yesterday.  Biggest change was using a structured library for the package/message format encoding/decoding.  That same structure stuff should be usable by people writing games to write their own protocols.  It's pretty straight-forward stuff.  Could use some optimisation work though. Speed dropped considerably with the structured approach instead ...

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Channels and keys and loops, oh my

Worked on qnet yesterday.  Got the stateless (ordered, not guaranteed) channel working.  Basically this channel allows you to send messages with "keys" (think of them as sub-channels) where each key is considered to be a stateless update.  That is, each message with a given key is a complete update as to the current state of ...

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Bit of qnet hacking

Got the multiple-channel dispatching roughed in.  Also roughed in the event-sending interface.  Sped up the handling considerably for long pending queues (was doing a linear scan of the whole queue for each ack'd message, oops).  Also roughed in code for ordered-but-not-guaranteed channels (i.e. channels that keep the latest received values, dropping any missing ...

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Lazy wrappers around functions

As (extension) functions in OpenGL often are not available until a valid context is created (and functions can be available/unavailable for different contexts), it's necessary to do some lazy-loading inside PyOpenGL sometimes.  Discovered today that the glHistogram wrappers were doing load-time checks for function availability and only wrapping the functions if the checks ...

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