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Sept. 22, 2008 - Sept. 28, 2008

New PyOpenGL-Demo demos

Peter Roesch has just contributed a set of stand-alone demos for the PyOpenGL-Demo distribution.  There's shaders, nurbs surfaces and curves, beziers, interaction and stereo rendering.  They should show up in the next release of the package, and are available from bzr now.

bzr branch lp:~mcfletch/pyopengl-demo/trunk Demo

They'll also show up as example code in the ...

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Need to expand vbo support... and support/contribution emails

The vbo module in PyOpenGL is currently making a bad assumption, namely that the value passed to gl*Vertex functions should be 0, it could be any integer to indicate an offset.  I'm thinking of creating a class which can be used to create offsets into the vbo which will always just be the offset:
glVertexPointerd( ...

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