Neat little feature added to RunSnakeRun

Just roughed in a neat-ish little feature for RunSnakeRun.  Basically it's a hierarchic view of your profile data where the hierarchy is directories/files/functions rather than function-call-record based.  It uses only the "localtime" values from the raw records so that you can see the total time spent in a given package, sub-package, module and the like.

It's the kind of thing I've often wanted to see when profiling, so hey, why not put it into the tool :D .

Have been doing a tiny bit of work on the UI.  Still lots to go to get the various views all hooked up and to allow drilling down into the stack so that you can isolate a single function's hierarchy, see the callers and metadata textually, that kind of thing.  It's all straightforward stuff, just need to get it done.


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