A few UI tweaks for RunSnakeRun

Quiet weekend, mostly out with friends and family, but did a bit of work on RunSnakeRun in the margins.  Got the toolbar finished, updated the documentation, got the "up" button working, cleaned up text strings so they are consistent throughout the UI (e.g. calling the "File View" the "File View" everywhere).  It's not exciting stuff, just stuff that needs to be done to get a release out the door.  Good for shutting down the mind before heading to sleep.

Still to do:

  • add an about dialog to provide the licence notices for e.g. wxPython and python
  • package squaremap for easy_install
  • debug infinite loop if you hit "back" fast enough with a long enough history
  • more testing
  • figure out something useful to do when you're in directory view and you go "back" to a function (currently just gives you a full-screen square in the square-map)
Probably just another few hours on the train some day before releasing, then.  I'm not expecting to get the side-by-side list-view comparisons done for this release.


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