Presentations are Roughed Out

Have the basic outline for the two PyCon presentations worked out now.  I'll need some more work to pull together really good sample code for the PyOpenGL one.  I added the ability to load multiple profile files to RunSnakeRun as I worked on the profiling presentation (one of those, "oh, yeah, I'm describing how to do this manually, maybe someone will need to do it in the real world" moments).

Also been considering what to do for my PyCon sprint time.  As mentioned, I want to do something PyOpenGL-ish, but something fun.  One thing that keeps popping into my mind thanks to a recent thread in comp.lang.python is the idea of creating a simple CAD framework in OpenGLContext... but it doesn't really seem like it would gather all that many interested people.

Anyway, hope to get a few nights this week to work on the presentations.

PyCon is coming.


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