Debug Mode Rendering (or, What you should always have)

Spent rather more time this afternoon than I'd intended working on fixing font rendering.  It was just a little spike test using Pygame to create a TextureAtlas and then rendering the atlas texture onto a quad to be sure it showed up.  Except that it didn't.

Which brings me to the point of this post: when doing 3D graphics engines, the debug-mode render is often *more* important than the final-mode render.  You should always be able to say "hey, that isn't showing up right, I wonder why" and add some code to display a debugging view.

In this particular case, it turned out that the automatic cleanup code for Maps was deleting the TextureAtlas'd maps before they were even uploaded to the card... wasn't storing a reference in the test code because I wasn't there yet.  That was obvious once I wrote a debug mechanism for the TextureAtlas that shows me what it currently contains.

Also spent some time on integrating RunSnakeRun patches.  I'm also thinking I may look into a better graphing algorithm for memory-profiling views (John Meinel has a dump-to-file memory profiler that he's integrating with RunSnakeRun), it would likely be some sort of connection-weight mechanism combined with special layouts for cycles.


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