Karmic Upgrade == working suspend (maybe)

The main work laptop has been suspend-less since it was updated to Ubuntu Jaunty, a situation that tended to annoy the heck out of me.  So today as I worked I had the machine do an update to Kubuntu Karmic.

There was some messiness around some broken packages, Open Office Mail Merge, a few support packages... wound up switching back from the fastest-available repository to the .ca mirror to get those fixed (the .ca mirror is rather slow, normally, but apparently the fast mirror down the US .gov was in-process).

Once I got all that done, rebooted into my shiny new desktop.  Hrm, and it's unusably slow.  Sigh.  There's a known ATI Radeon Mobility bug which requires an x-org PPA overlay to fix the 1-second delays all throughout the UI.  Oh well, copy a couple of deb lines and move forward.

The new KDE seems to turn on transparency effects on the panel... makes it far less usable (horrible contrast depending on what's behind it).  Not much else really of note...

Except that suspend seems to work (at least, in some limited tests).  Time will tell if it's truly fixed or just flaky now, but hope springs...


  1. samsul

    samsul on 10/23/2009 10:24 p.m. #

    I stil can't get Karmic Koala on our local repositories. Unfortunately, Ubuntu's official site seems busy these days :-(

    Can't wait for ShipIt :-)

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