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Linking Platform Packages into VirtualEnv (automatically)?

So you're creating a virtualenv with --no-site-packages so that you get some package isolation for testing, but you want to have those 2-3 platform-provided packages included, numpy, PIL, maybe a DB adapter.  Is a script to create a symlink the best approach?  What about when you aren't in control of the virtualenv and you just ...

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PyOpenGL 3.0.1b1 and OpenGLContext 2.1.0a7

I've just finished the 3.0.1b1 release of PyOpenGL. This release is mostly just bug-fixes from the 3.0.1a4 release. There are fixes to glGet and glGetActiveUniform, a script to retrieve and fixes to support Togl binary installations, exposure of the OpenGL 3.2 entry points (though largely untested, as I have no hardware over OpenGL 2.1), ...

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