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April 19, 2010 - April 25, 2010

Bug Report Fatigue before I get a single report in...

I upgraded my laptop to Kubuntu Lucid to help test the release.  I've now got debug and crash messages popping up in Eric, Plasma crashing when I remove widgets, mkfontscale crashing if I have my .fonts directory available, multi-second pauses on alt-tab (that one's a killer when you work, as I do, by constantly switching ...

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Duh! But upstart on 1.5 year old OS not so great...

My little experiment in Upstart is going to get rolled back, it appears.  While the system worked perfectly on modern Linux (Karmic Ubuntu), it wouldn't even recognize the scripts as valid on the Fedora 10 servers.  Given that the release of Upstart is so old, I'm thinking I'll wind up managing the 6-7 state transitions/events ...

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Setting up a DHCP test environment in QEMU

My current project must run against a DHCP server which has to have a fairly exotic configuration (not really one I'd want running on my home network), and I want to be able to blow away and re-create the client constantly as I test installation procedures and the like.  So, since we're on Fedora 10 ...

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