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Ouch, overheating machine via Strigi

Nepomuk/Strigi felt like indexing my desktop to be all semantic-y.  Great... but wow, ~20% CPU for ~12hrs and constant disk thrashing... temperature spiked up pretty bad before I noticed it (not damaging bad, but if there'd been another load on there (i.e. graphics) I'm guessing it would have fried the machine ...

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Python 2.5 PIL Gone in Lucid?

Why do half my tests suddenly fail, thinks me?  Me thinks, me looks, me finds no PIL!  Egadzooks, thinks me, thinking thinkily, what has become of my Python 2.5 PIL?  Aptitude thinks, and returns no thoughts of a Python 2.5 python-imaging?  Me thinks methinks me thoughts must turn to source.

[Update] For those ...

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