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Playing with extensions in PyOpenGL

Have been spending the afternoon doing a bit of cleanup in the later extensions and versions for OpenGL in PyOpenGL.  Many of the later OpenGL versions do most of their work by importing entry points and constants from ARB extensions.  That's now reflected in PyOpenGL so that the core GL namespace includes those extension ...

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Kubuntu replacing Unity

Have been growing (even more) annoyed with Unity on the machine at work.  Just too many times every hour where I have to stop, work around Unity (normally just an extra seek-and-click, but it adds up when you have to wait for the failure, think about why it's failing, then re-acquire a target, then ...

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Watch your texture bindings when using FBO attachments

I finally tracked down why the second "shadow" demo had regressed for OpenGLContext on AMD cards.  Turns out that the order in which you bind/unbind textures and Frame Buffer Objects is very important.  If you have a texture bound as the current TEXTURE_2D at the same time as it is attached to an FBO ...

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bytes(23) this is not your Python2.7 bytes...

Working on integrating a patch that lets parts of PyOpenGL work on PyPy 1.5 and Python 3.2 (thanks to Renaud).  Tried creating a little wrapper that abstracts away the various changes.  One of these is a function that can take a string, a unicode string, or an arbitrary object and wants to get ...

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