Forgot how fun PyGame is (Been way too long...)

Been hacking on a spike test for Productive for the last few hours. PyGame is really very fun once you get (back) into it, gets right out of the way most of the time. First task was to re-learn sprite-based rendering and create a simple grid of squares that responds to mouse-overs with a highlight. That all worked swimmingly.

The TicTacToe sample in olpcgames doesn't seem to work. Also we don't seem to have included olpcgames in the base image. Ah well. That slowed me down quite a bit when I was at Pearson (Toronto), as I didn't have a network connection there to download it. Wasn't able to use Pippy to edit files... haven't figured out how to open anything not in the "examples list".

I'm a bit too tired to keep hacking (it's around 3:10 am by my internal clock, still another hour and 40 minutes before we board the plane, then 10 hours when I will hopefully just sleep). There's ginger tea here (quite good) and I'm thinking I may just grab another.


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