Kubuntu Natty Upgrade... Hrm...

I upgraded my main laptop to Kubuntu Natty this afternoon.  Honestly I can't tell the difference so far.  Firefox 4 is slightly different looking.  Nothing else of note seems to have changed.  I had to uninstall and re-install the Gtalk plugin, but other than that, no hiccups on the install.

On one hand, whew, nice not to have huge issues, but where are my shinies? I just downloaded 1.9GB of updates and other than a nicer boot-splash my desktop seems unchanged for the most part. The bug that used to make Digikam take 10-12 minutes to load is gone, that's nice, it's now a respectable 3-4 seconds, but that doesn't feel like a shiny, just a bug-fix.

It just feels so "adult".  Where's the raw, broken, crash-happy Linux of my youth? This feels like a tool has been sharpened.  I wanted to feel like a kid at Christmas.

Yet that horrible (old) part of me is thinking (traitorously) "oh, good, it just worked, I can get back to work".  Luckily I beat that old part of me into submission long enough to write a blog post about how I'm really young at heart.  So now I am going to drink my glass of warm milk, shake my fist at the whippersnappers making noise outside, and toddle off to bed, as I don't have to spend the whole night repairing my machine like some punk Gentoo user.


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