IDE without File|Open or File|Save is... painful

As mentioned a while ago, I switched my desktop from Ubuntu to Kubuntu because Unity was just too half-baked to be used in my setup. That went relatively well, modulo the need to restart 3 times to get the desktop to come up (KDE just hung on login). However, one truly annoying casualty is that Eric4 can no longer open up any file dialogs (I didn't notice this for most of a day, and can go quite a while before it bites me, but when it does, it bites hard, as it segfaults the process).

When I trace through the core-file, the file dialog crashes trying to internationalize a string deep within Qt/KDE. Figuring out to whom to report the bug (was it my own action (trying to clean out unity) that caused the error, or is it a bug in Unity's hooks in KDE/Qt, or is it a missing translation file that is installed in Kubuntu but not Ubuntu) is so far more work than working around the lack of a file dialog. Might be time to wipe the machine and install Kubuntu from scratch.


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