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New release of globalsub is out

Globalsub is a mechanism to allow you easily replace an object throughout your interpreter.  This is normally done to make it easier to test.  You can stub out objects which have side effects for most of your tests and just test those functions in carefully isolated environments.  It comes from the Mocker codebase originally, but ...

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Dreaming of deterministic profilers future...

Some things it occurs to me that I'd like to see in a new Python profiler:
  • High resolution, accurate, captured data (obviously)
  • Trace every line executed (yes, every line)
  • Trace every call operation, i.e. CALL #32 of function #45 took 0.0003s and have a record of CALL #32 which details what *it ...

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KDE seems to have stabilized... I suppose I should break it

After the hiccups of a few days ago where suspend/resume didn't work for a day or so, my laptop seems to have settled into a happy place.  Suspend/resume is now working, and I haven't had any hard-hangs where the machine becomes unresponsive (which was why I upgraded to the backported KDE ...

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