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Corner cases do crop up, don't they?

So I've been playing with cutting down OpenGLContext into something like a modern scenegraph engine.  The first step there is to eliminate the old tree-traversal rendering mechanism, as the "flat" rendering engine is both simpler and much more easily optimized.  No big problem, really.  A lot of OpenGLContext's demos/tests just ran with only minimal changes, ...

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Want to display MathML? MathJax

We have lots of MathML from the DocBook manuals for PyOpenGL.  The latest versions of the manuals are now using MathJax to provide rendering of the matrices, equations, etceteras (see, for example, the glRotate manual page).  We've previously had to tell people to update/replace their browser or install a MathML-specific plugin.  This solution will (hopefully) ...

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