Coldshot reaches loose equivalence, now the fun part...

So as of now I can load Coldshot profiles into RunSnakeRun.  So far they are no more informative than a cProfile profile.  Now the fun part is seeing what kind of tools can actually be fashioned when you have all of this information...

Some ideas

  • per-thread views (I think that's a given)
  • browse into set of all calls, with calls split up by e.g. bins of run-times
  • individual calls by "time line" of calls as a graph of time vs. run-time
  • bins of "path" maps of a function (basically see the function calls split by what set of lines they followed)
  • browse simple collection of lines over the aggregate
  • browse lines (across all functions)
  • browse a call tree from a given call instance
  • progressive views (load the first N records, view, then continue N more, view, etc)

I'm sure there are other useful visualizations you could come up with, if you have something you've always wanted to see in a profiling tool, let me know. I've still got a week or so of playing before to work on this (well, need to spend some time on an actual presentation too, I suppose).

The loader is moderately fast, so for now I'm willing to do a full re-scan of a data-file to pull out new views, but eventually will need to do some indexing, 9s for 581MB is acceptable during testing, but that's only a 160s profile... real profiles are likely going to include multi-GB monsters.


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