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Jan. 2, 2012 - Jan. 8, 2012

Modernising PyVRML97

Spent a few hours working on getting PyVRML97 (on which OpenGLContext is built) updated to use Cython instead of hand-coded C modules for the accelerators.  The transformation-matrix stuff worked pretty well, but so far the frustum-culling code isn't happy.  I'd like to get the rework done before releasing a new version of OpenGLContext (which really ...

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Android 2.2 seems pretty 2.1-like...

Got one of the phones flashed up to 2.2 (an unsupported release for it), so in theory I'll be able to develop/test OpenGL ES 2.0 now.  I spent far longer than I should have doing that (the whole day, basically, what with various mis-steps and spending hours trying to figure out what the best ROM ...

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