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Jan. 23, 2012 - Jan. 29, 2012

Watch your Django field defaults do not load objects if you use South

Just ran into a South migration issue.  Basically we had a field that looked like this (simplified):

class MyModel( models.Model ):
    hostname = models.CharField(
        default = random_unique_hostname,

where random_unique_hostname() was written like so (again, simplified):

def random_unique_hostname():
    test = generate_random()
        MyModel.objects.get( hostname = test )
    except MyModel.DoesNotExist, err:
        return test
        return random_unique_hostname() ...

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Fake French is Fun!

Ran FakeLion over our current project.  It's actually pretty cool just as a design tool.  The text is backward and in a weird "font", so you aren't distracted by what is says, you just see the site's layout with text-where-text-will-be.  With this being the third time we've used it on the project, there really wasn't ...

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Bad Coder, No Cookie

We use globalsub and MockProc extensively in our test-suite at work.  Today I wanted to look up the name of the argument in MockProc (we use globalsub in almost every test case, so I don't need to look that up).  So, look up the docs... wow, whoever wrote this library really sucks, there's just some ...

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