Finally setting up the Asterisk server

Today just never seemed to materialize.  I wound up sleeping most of the afternoon to try to finish off the last of this cold.  I spent the evening assembling furniture and then watching a forgettable movie with Soni.  In the middle of that I've been working on getting our Asterisk server set up.  I have an Asterisk install on my laptop for development work, but we haven't had a "real" install since we replaced Gentoo with Ubuntu on the workstation/server.

Unfortunately, our little ATA isn't cooperating with the Asterisk box.  I have the workstation itself, my main work laptop and our Ubuntu OLPC all connecting properly with Twinkle, but can't yet convince the ATA (which is also our external NAT/router) to connect to the internal Asterisk server.  Annoying part is that I've done this before with this precise device and server (that is, on the Gentoo version), but for some reason today the packets just disappear into the ether.

I've got lots more to get done on the setup; voicemail, prompts, basic dialplans and the like.  So far it's just connections to the various end-points.  I'm debating whether to use StarPy for the dialplans.  It's overkill, but I do prefer coding IVRs/menus in StarPy to using raw extensions.conf.  Anyway, not going to happen tonight.


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