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OSMesa Refactoring

We've had a binding/platform for the Off-Screen Mesa (OSMesa) library for a while now. It was originally coded such that it provided all of the OSMesa entry points from the platform package (not really appropriate, as these are the same level as things such as GLX and WGL). Long story short, they've been moved to ...

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PyOpenGL Working on the Raspberry Pi

I decided to use a USB key root for the RPi, and with that got a standard Raspbian setup going.  The really nice thing is that the EGL, GLES, etc entry points all resolved properly with the same code used for Linux/MESA EGL and GLES, yay.

Thing is, without the broadcom graphics module they're a ...

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Raspberry Pi BCM Window Needs Love

So as part of getting a PyOpenGL demo running on the Raspberry Pi I wrote a trivial subset of the Broadcom graphics interface api in ctypes.  There's an (abandoned? not very recent, anyway) full wrapper in Cython, but even getting that compiled just took too long for me working on the Pi (far longer than ...

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GL Arrogance Cleanup is Significant

There were (and still are) lots of places where PyOpenGL code assumed (assumes) that it is running GL. So far my cleanup efforts mean that on importing e.g. GLES1 you don't actually trigger a load of OpenGL. They also mean that most DLLs are lazy-loaded, something that means e.g. GLUT should no longer load on ...

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