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No luck getting OpenGL docs built (Tools just not working...)

xsltproc and saxon are producing mutually unintelligible files and/or taking dozens of computer-hours of processing time to do the merge. Bit of a PITA, especially as these are the old source documents still (haven't received word back from the OpenGL board guys about using the 2.1 documentation set) so I will need to re-do anything ...

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Should do some work on the PyGTA site (At least replace the front page...)

Sent off the cheque to pay for the domain name yesterday. Would be nice to have the key information on the front page (e.g. our regular meeting time), some basic who/what/why/when/how information too would be good for the front-page. Guess I should find some time to work that up and ask Peter to update ...

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We wait 175x slower, apparently (Benchmarks are fun ways to waste time...)

User asked me to look at the POGL/PyOpenGL benchmark thing again. So I added a few cProfile calls to the silly thing so I could actually see what's going on (why not just use profiling to start with? Why create opaque graphs of pointless data when you can have a full breakdown of where the ...

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Use sys.settrace to animate Python code? (Evil ideas that cross one's mind...)

To make a GUI/text IDE work similarly to the Logo-style animated execution you'd need to make the Python code work more slowly than normal. You could probably hook up a sys.settrace that stops when you finish a given operation and waits on a message from the GUI that it's drawn the results (and waited for ...

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I want the perfect IDE for kids (Or do I?)

A couple of things over the last couple of days have focused my mind on the question of IDEs.

The first is moving to Eric4 from Eric3. The change isn't really all that much, in fact, in the pieces I use there is no particular advantage to the new version (other than that it builds ...

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Eric 4 builds nicely on Gentoo (With some PORTAGEDEV stuff...)

Finally got around to updating to Eric 4 on the home workstation/server. Nice looking, though I basically turn off the bulk of the features save the project and file-editing views, and it seems a bit slower and less "snappy" than the Qt3 version. At the moment it doesn't work with my project-management script, so I'll ...

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Ctypes for C++ is going to be a pain due to politics (Bothering language creators is fun...)

Why can't we have compatible C++ name mangling and/or introspection/reflection such that we could write an FFI library for C++ similar to ctypes for C?

Dr. Stroustrup seemed to be of the mind that there is no technical reason not to be able to do it, but that the individual compiler writers and platform developers ...

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Compiled GLE DLL for Win32 (For the compiler-less masses...)

I managed to get the regular Toolkit compilation toolchain all configured and ready-to-go this morning. Result is that we now have a pre-compiled GLE DLL available for Win32 for use with PyOpenGL 3.x. Still missing a pre-compiled TCL/Tk extension (Togl) to get to full coverage of the PyOpenGL 2.x functionality.

Need to look at the ...

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