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I should eat some day soon... (The cupboards are bare, the license is expiring, the hard disk is missing!)

Tomorrow need to run errands before I start work. I've been out of food since early this morning (even the emergency snacks (high calorie and salt content) are gone), and my poor little tummy is going to be unhappy with me come tomorrow. It's getting back at me by expanding my shopping list (never make ...

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Giving up on Dia (Exporting just isn't working)

What with having to reformat everything in Corel to fix the messed up sizing and fonts, there's no point to using it. I can draw freehand or use Corel directly to get results faster. Have to see how those other proggies Tim mentioned work one of these days too.

OpenOffice Presenter has no style... (Why disable a general mechanism for a specific app?)

OO Presenter has this annoying restriction that you can't define new styles. The annoying thing is that the program is obviously style aware (you can change existing styles using the same stylist as everywhere else in OO). Means that I wind up either having to use an outline level to mean "source code sample", or ...

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No SVG support for OO Presenter... (Ah, for a standard 2D graphics format that works...)

Continuing explorations with Dia for setting up graphics for metaclasses presentation. Discovered that Dia does weird things when exporting to PNG (looks like it makes the text 1 or 2 pt). Tried SVG only to discover that Presenter doesn't import that (neither does my old Corel Draw).