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Shrubbery and such-like (Tree controls developing apace)

Webui uses a modified, chaining-friendly version of Zope3's page templates. It's very easy to create recursive templates, as the templates can readily call any registered view for any object to which they have access. The tree control is such a recursive template. It does a little work up-front to see how many children ...

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Age creeps in... (Should stop thinking about this around now)

Well, hitting 30 today. All-in-all it's a good life, if somewhat lonely. Too many friends lost in time. My fault, I suppose; need to work harder at it. Anyway, for now, get today's work done and maybe we can keep our collective heads above the miniscus.

Back from gram's lickety split (And dinner with Shiva and Shademan)

Dinner with Shiva and Shademan was pleasant, went to see "50 First Dates", which was surprisingly funny, not particularly cerebral, but funny. Went to have lunch with grams this afternoon, snooker game was very close, 5 point spread in the end. Been trying to set up SSH-tunnelled VNC for my desktop for when I'm ...

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Beautiful Golnar coming by for dinner (Persian beauties are wonderful just to be around)

It's been 3 months since I've seen her, almost as long for Shiva, longer for Neda and Nousha. Honestly, how is a man, once exposed, supposed to be content while out of the presence of such beauties? I've been floating most of the day, and even the rather frustrating process of getting ...

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Sometimes you have to wonder... (7% of Americans haven't heard of the EU?)

Okay, according to the IHTribune (silly layout alert), a recent poll found that, among other things, 7% of Americans had never heard of the European Union.

What the heck! I'm impressed that someone even thought to ask. I mean, who would have thought that people could be so totally asleep on foreign affairs as ...

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Robotics of electro-active polymers for space (Scatterthought ideas on the DARPA race)

Well, as everyone and their brother has been reporting, the DARPA race across the desert wound up with best showings of 7 miles (14km or so). Lots of coverage of the mechanical exoskeleton for soldiers as well.

Of course, coverage of Spirit and Opportunity has been phenomenal Still, they're expected to drive maybe a ...

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