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Should be re-installing I suppose (Pausing at the threshold of oblivion...)

Last night went okay; after about 8 different attempts I remembered that for some reason Win2K doesn't like disks > 30GB with Fat32, so no extra "user" space (shared with 2K and Linux) with the new drive. I reached that plateau in an installation where the next logical step commits you to the action. Now ...

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Oh, and mom and dad are coming by on Saturday (They want to visit Pearl, Rosey and I)

And grams, must phone her tomorrow to tell her. I'm told that the visit is tentative, though apparently the weather looks good for travel. I doubt you hear that much in Mexico or the Southern states "weather looks good for travel". It's a northern thing I suppose.

Shane's Famous! (And he never told me...)

Was looking for Shane's web-site to add a link in another post and couldn't find one (not surprising, he's not really all that into computers, but still, you hope), but did find an article written about having tea with him. Cute little article. I never would have known about it without the ...

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Working with faulty substrates (Ruminations as I rebuild the database yet again)

Hard disks are generally reliable technology. However, I have managed to have two IBM drives, both of which have had failure rates that would make a bed-wetting 6-year-old blush. The second was to replace the first... how wonderful now that it's off warranty. It makes me think, however, how much of my skill is ...

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Mind wandered for a few minutes (Cheap solar-powered dirigibles for virtual tourism)

There's been a lot of interest lately in extremely efficient air and sea "glider" craft which can be extremely efficient by using differential buoyancy to let them travel in a vertical zig-zag pattern with very little energy used. I'm thinking, if one could reduce total cost for an aerial version to around $200CDN ...

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Ach, overslept! (Well, more like just couldn't get up...)

Wound up popping up and down for the first few hours of trying to sleep trying out new approaches to solving hanging problem. By the time noon came around I just couldn't get up (back, mostly, but the hands are trashed too). Last few hours of sleeping was all nightmares. Blah. Oh well, day ...

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Still no reservation... (Herding programmers and cats)

Realised that I couldn't book without first confirming with Shane that we're not going to try to find a place with triple-occupancy allowed. I'm seriously considering the hostel on the PyConForCheap page. It's almost the same price as splitting a $100/night room 3 ways, and I don't really need ...

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Think I need to take a real break (Writing blogs as I watch the scanner stall isn't helping...)

Obviously I'm just missing something obvious. Wish Lawrence didn't have a guest tonight so I could go get a snack, or even go on a walk. Though I already walked quite a bit today. Should work on the metaclass presentation... or more critically, rent a hotel room for PyCon!

Mmmm halva (or halawa, as the package insists) (Silly modernisation of transliterations...)

Home again, home again, jiggety jig. New license aquired, food store stocked, day's news reviewed, and ready to start work. Sheesh, it's almost 7pm. Been thinking quite a lot about a comment by Shane about my "inner child"...