Widgets should be determined w/out if/elif junk (Things you know you should do right in the first place but never get around to...)

Well, mostly wound up generalising the planned-object editing system today (modulo a few hours trying to figure out what was wrong with my SNMP queries, (it was just a system mis-configuration in the end, nothing to do with my code)). Got the "choose an existing or other-new-planned" control working nicely. Whipped up a street view, refactored the code to be "this particular importer" and "generic importer", then just now, with only 24 minutes left before my self-appointed bed-time realised that the old control-registration code won't work with the new objects (but oh, it's so close, it displays the choices, minus the planned objects, but it can't recognise the specifier as one of those choices).


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