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Think it's time to declare defeat for the night (Irresistable Mikey meets immovable bug)

I'm getting precisely nowhere with this, and the cycle of attempts is so long it's silly. There's obviously something hosed on my machine, or a bug in PostgreSQL itself. Either way, I'm not going to fix it by continually installing, wiping the database and attempting to load it.

Shane's Famous! (And he never told me...)

Was looking for Shane's web-site to add a link in another post and couldn't find one (not surprising, he's not really all that into computers, but still, you hope), but did find an article written about having tea with him. Cute little article. I never would have known about it without the almighty Google. ...

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PyTable Release while I'm screaming (Upgrading and importing, and crashing and importing, and throwing machine out window...)

Well, since the absolutely newest code needs a new feature of PyTable I decided to do a release while I was waiting. Mostly this just makes working with the DBRow objects a little more intuitive. Setting a field to NULL deletes the value, and setting a foreign-key field to a DBRow instance tries to find ...

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Working with faulty substrates (Ruminations as I rebuild the database yet again)

Hard disks are generally reliable technology. However, I have managed to have two IBM drives, both of which have had failure rates that would make a bed-wetting 6-year-old blush. The second was to replace the first... how wonderful now that it's off warranty. It makes me think, however, how much of my skill is actually ...

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How do I manage to find so many holes in PostgreSQL? (You'd think I was doing something out-of-the-ordinary)

Am I just abusing this poor little PostgreSQL installation on Win32? Is it just the flaky disks? I mean, infinite running time for a simple select * from table and some freaky error with clogs getting started, remembered, but not retained... you don't really hear about this being the normal experience of PostgreSQL users. Of ...

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