Inevitabilities... (Chores and taxes...)

Did a few hours after work on getting the bit-rot out of ConflictSolver last night... not a lot of progress, though it's now able to at least load the main screen. The zcollection code is still seriously messed up, as the CS code is now expecting the new (heavily refactored) API, while zcollection itself is a kludged-up mix of old and new API. The whole of it is dependent on (now disappeared) Zope3 interface mechanisms. I'm switching to PyProtocols, but that's going to take a chunk of work I likely can't afford this weekend. Should really think about using a different persistence mechanism, but I don't really have the time for that just now.

Primary tasks for the day; grocery shopping (I haven't cooked since I got home from the conference a week ago... come to think of it, since the Friday before I left for the conference) and 2002 and 2003 taxes.


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