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Auto-conversions and distutils (Or how I spent my afternoon)

Turns out the auto-conversion script I was given is actually pretty limited in what it does. I wound up hacking in a few extra features (such as actually using the new import wx form), but I really should have just gone ahead and rewritten it. It's using a manually-maintained mapping set that's seriously limited, so ...

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Kinda late getting started today (Up all night with wxPython migration)

wxPython 2.5 is finally making the import wx style "normal", so I figure wxoo should be converted to it. Ah, thinks I, 2 or 3 hour task I can do before going to bed (forgetting that it's the leap-forward-day). 6 clock hours (5 actual) later I've only converted 1/5th of the project. I did fix ...

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