Hey buddy, looking for an Open Source Python job? (And other miscellany from PyGTA)

Had a good turnout at PyGTA last night. Aaron presented Panometric's (currently proprietary, may get open-sourced) web-application wiki. In essence this is a mechanism that allows users to edit an application's templates using a customised version of docutils that includes a number of directives for including e.g. auto-generated tables and the like. It works by hooking into docutils directives and outputing KID templates with particular tags which the TurboGears framework then converts to calls on objects.

Paul also announced that CampWare is looking for a (local?) Open Source programmer with C/C++, Python and Linux Audio experience to work on one (or two) of their projects (paid Open Source work).

Also mentioned was:
from __future__ import braces

We finished up the main meeting with a discussion of message-passing and other concurrency mechanisms, with special reference to Erlang, Memcached, Posh, D-BUS and Parallel and then headed out for ice cream, sandwiches and refreshments. All in all a very pleasant meeting.


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