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No mention of redemption or rehabilitation (Databases meet liability litigation and the stigma of previous criminal behaviour...)

There's an article on Wired News this afternoon discussing yet another effect of the huge public/private databases being collected by various firms as a service to Big Brother. What's interesting to me is that the article doesn't even mention the idea of the arrested and/or convicted person having "served their time" or been "rehabilitated".

It's all a plot (The computers are watching us and *laughing*)

Well, after all that work last night, the dratted group statistics still aren't working for one CMTS (though they are working for the other four). Going to just load the darn thing and use pdb to debug it.

I'm always kind of surprised just how well pdb works for poking at complex systems (e.g. Zope ...

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Yes, I'm still here... (Sigh.)

Well, going on for 19 hours in the day so far, the last 10 hours of that being an exercise in frustration. Turns out an optimisation of the tracking archiver was causing a problem. I'd reduced the set of records it was loading to an easily queried sub-set, letting all other records be found by ...

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You assume those you like are like you (And, of course, that they like you)

When we identify with something or someone, we tend to ascribe to it the values that we ourselves hold as important. I'm realising that this is a serious impediment to properly understanding your world (though it does make for more harmonious relationships).

Over the last couple of months I've come to realise that there are ...

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Beginning to sag a little (But new weight-level might help)

Evening has been mostly frustration, and I'm beginning to lose my drive to continue. Finally (I think) got the group-statistics summaries working, but I've discovered 3 or 4 show-stopper bugs in the process (that darn PostgreSQL hang being the biggest one).

On a more interesting note (well, for me), I finally moved up to 20lbs ...

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