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Twisted talk trashed by power outage and lack of backup (Arrrrgggghhhh!)

The silly UPS didn't catch the power outage, and somehow the file on disk got corrupted, so the presentation is just plain gone. This is *really* frustrating, I was working on the second-to-last slide already. Now I have to re-start from the beginning with less than 3 hours to complete it! Why doesn't OpenOffice automatically ...

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More truth in comics (Hope this is considered fair use...)

Arlo and Janis tends to have a high proportion of "truth in comics" entries, which I guess is one of the major reasons I really like the comic. Today's strip:

is one of those where you just have to think that the whole purpose of the strip is these little moments of truth. It's a ...

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Draft finished (Going to sleep on it now... no, not literally...)

May not even be litterally "now", for that matter. I'm not really exhausted, but I could certainly sleep now. Question is whether I can get any useful amount of work done in the hour or so before I really should sleep (pause in here)... I think the sandman will win this argument.

Not particularly satisfied ...

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