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Are pickles, cookies and yogurt a balanced diet? (Maybe I'm pregnant... oh, wait, I guess that would be a prerequisite... oh, and that too...)

Slow going on the Twisted tutorial. Mostly because there's far too much to say. There's over 25 pages already and I've only just started with the actual Twisted material (the earlier part being discussion of comparable approaches). I've got 15 minutes, so should have approximately 30 pages total... going to be a lot of editing ...

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PyOpenGL Refactored (C APIs for Python modules...)

Spent most of last night learning how to create C APIs for Python modules (it's rather messy when you get right down to it). Basically, instead of a monolithic set of code linked into each PyOpenGL PYD file I'm planning to move all of the extended-API code into a seperate module. Then I'll move the ...

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