Look, it's a search box (Turns out you just uncomment it...)

Frustrated with what look to be weakref crashes in the ping scanner, took a few moments to figure out how to get a ZCatalog-based search installed on the blog here. Built the ZCatalog, added the lexicon and a full-text index, then added in the blog itself... no content indexing occurs... there's no "Coreblog Entry" option for finding objects, so can't add them. They aren't even found with "all objects", which is somewhat annoying.

Finally resorted to that last-resort-of-last-resort, looking it up in the documentation. Turns out the ZCatalog is built in, but for some reason the interface is commented out for the main page (though the default appearance is a little sloppy, which might be a good enough reason, still, making it an option on the properties page would likely be more appropriate). Anyway, enjoy the wonders of a fully searchable "Plumbing".


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