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Hmm, still up (Realised I have to get moving on replacing the computer)

Ken, our long-suffering business-person once again brought up the fact that I should really be moving off of the flaky machine, so I've just asked him to get me some prices for replacing the motherboard, cpu, and memory. I also threw in a replacement for the broken MSNatural (original) keyboard, and a new (cheap) case ...

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Shopping tomorrow (Can't look shabby at the wedding...)

Need to buy new dancing shoes and a decent shirt (think I'll go for either lime green, red or blue this time) for my suit (yes I do own one). I haven't the foggiest where one goes to get reasonably priced, yet stylish men's footwear in Toronto, I normally buy boots and/or hiking shoes. Luckily ...

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Some more things to do for Eric (When I get a chance...)

Working with Eric this evening has pointed out a few more things that I'll need to work on to make it feel comfortable:
  • single-instance operation -- i.e. when I select a .py file and choose "edit" in konqueror I should have the file loaded in the current instance, not starting up another instance

  • drag-and-drop -- ...

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My first ebuild (In glorious black-and-white...)

Turns out that 99.99% of the work of doing ebuilds for Python packages is done for you. You just need to tell the script what the name, description, filename, and download URL of the package are. For SourceForge projects (almost all of mine) there's even built-in support for downloading from the SourceForge mirror sites.

For ...

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