Some more things to do for Eric (When I get a chance...)

Working with Eric this evening has pointed out a few more things that I'll need to work on to make it feel comfortable:
  • single-instance operation -- i.e. when I select a .py file and choose "edit" in konqueror I should have the file loaded in the current instance, not starting up another instance

  • drag-and-drop -- same basic idea, I use the file-manager for browsing and choosing which file to edit probably 75% of the time, if I can't drag and drop I'm forced to use the in-editor facilities, which aren't as convenient

  • alt-f-x -- I know, I know, it's probably fine on KDE to not use the Windows-UI-guidelines keys, but Eric is so close that making "&File | &Quit" into "&File | E&xit" doesn't seem like it would be that horrible an idea

Of course, all of that is going to have to wait until I have some real free time.


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