A slogging we have gone (And some shopping too...)

Today was all about the UI. Mostly refactoring the various pages to use the same basic tabular control where it's useful (and extending the control to support that). The person and group editing pages are now back up and running and at least moderately usable. The trigger editing/inserting isn't working (the choice-of-event control has gone insane). No big deal to fix it likely, but I've got to get some sleep now, so tomorrow and tomorrow...

As mentioned, went shopping today in order to find clothing suitable for the wedding. The shoes are nice enough, though they are one of the styles which wraps a piece of leather over the entire toe stopping a cm below the lace-flaps in a misguided attempt to look cool. Wandering about the mall I managed to catch myself before I purchased a suit... good thing too; after all my purchases I spent $260. I'd intended to spend around $150, but I wound up picking up jeans, t-shirts, a denim button-down shirt, a charger and rechargable batteries for the camera, and various other odds and ends.

I'm really not particularly pleased with the quality of the camera's pictures, they are really grainy, far more than I've seen on any other digital camera. Afraid it's just not good enough to imagine using it for "saving memories", though I suppose it's fine for inventory-control applications. Oh well.


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