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You say you slog? (What a coincidence, old chap, I've been known to slog a bit in my day...)

I really need to add view support to PyTable one of these days. Spent half an hour building yet another mock-view out of a classmethod. The method-based approach is nice in some ways, as you can customise all sorts of parameters to give you a nice query, but there are literally dozens of these things ...

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Spider Man II (This afternoon (or tomorrow, depending on whether today is tomorrow or today))

Going to go see Spider Man II Monday afternoon. I've been saying for a few months that despite my general aversion to seeing sequels (I refuse to see Shrek II, for instance, despite counting Shrek as one of my favourite movies of all time), that I think I can trust the Spider Man people not ...

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Malcom X quote in the middle of a song (Plymouth Rock)

I've been listening to some Jazz music as I work here, and one of Ella Fitzgerald's songs had a little riff on "Plymouth Rock landed on them". It stopped me working because the riff seemed so cheerful I couldn't reconcile it with the Malcom X version (which is very full of angst and outrage). Still, ...

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