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July 5, 2004 - July 11, 2004

GUI Library Evolution (Or, why we have "event" objects...)

This popped out of Matthew Scott's comment; seemed a little too involved to be writing in a comment (and it's a slow news day).

Context: I'd noted that Matthew's code wasn't using one of the strengths of PyDispatcher, particularly it's ability to allow for unifying parameter names and filtering out extraneous parameters before passing ...

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A fairly successful party (Though most of the normal crowd was missing...)

Also had a chance to use the digital camera for once. Here, for instance, is Shane, one of the most interesting human beings I know. He gave Rosey and I a copy of Primo Cranium this evening just because I'd asked if someone could bring a copy for those at the party to play. He's ...

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And so it ends... (Pretty much, anyway)

Just checked in the last official changes to Cinemon. Didn't get a chance to work on the importer fixes, spent the whole day (and an extra 1/2 day for that matter) converting just about everything to the new-style UI. Need to get to bed now so I can get up early and get the shopping ...

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Should I take a week off? (Unpaid, but a chance to catch up on languishing projects...)

I'm considering whether to take a week of unpaid vacation to work on the various Open Source projects on which I've been falling behind. Particularly PyOpenGL and OpenGLContext, but also wxOO, PyTable and BasicProperties. PyOpenGL is the project that needs the most TLC, but all of them are needing some attention.

Thing ...

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Cinemon work draws to a close (Hard deadlines focus the mind admirably...)

So, at the management meeting on Wednesday we realised that we just can't afford to keep developing Cinemon with the current business arrangement. So, today is the last day of work on it until we manage to secure some funding.

The effect has been marvelous. No more working on long-term features, no more worrying about ...

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Is Linux an infinite time sink? (Another evening disappears with no progress toward a useable desktop...)

Actually, some serious regression...

Knowing that there were 4 or 5 security fixes needed for the Linux kernel, I booted into Gentoo to update. Actually, I booted in to see if Eric3 could create a UML diagram for Cinemon for Tim, but once that failed (well, once Tim's finger slipped and destroyed the layout) I ...

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PyDispatcher in the wild (Always nice to see work-product get used...)

"Golden Spud" has posted an introduction to his attempt to bring PyQt's signals/slots mechanism to wxPython. He's not using all of PyDispatcher's capabilitites (for instance, he's matching the consumer and producer signatures manually instead of letting PyDispatcher unify the arguments), but it is interesting to see it get used. (I didn't create PyDispatcher, I just ...

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You say you slog? (What a coincidence, old chap, I've been known to slog a bit in my day...)

I really need to add view support to PyTable one of these days. Spent half an hour building yet another mock-view out of a classmethod. The method-based approach is nice in some ways, as you can customise all sorts of parameters to give you a nice query, but there are literally dozens of these things ...

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Spider Man II (This afternoon (or tomorrow, depending on whether today is tomorrow or today))

Going to go see Spider Man II Monday afternoon. I've been saying for a few months that despite my general aversion to seeing sequels (I refuse to see Shrek II, for instance, despite counting Shrek as one of my favourite movies of all time), that I think I can trust the Spider Man people not ...

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Malcom X quote in the middle of a song (Plymouth Rock)

I've been listening to some Jazz music as I work here, and one of Ella Fitzgerald's songs had a little riff on "Plymouth Rock landed on them". It stopped me working because the riff seemed so cheerful I couldn't reconcile it with the Malcom X version (which is very full of angst and outrage). Still, ...

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