A fairly successful party (Though most of the normal crowd was missing...)

Also had a chance to use the digital camera for once. Here, for instance, is Shane, one of the most interesting human beings I know. He gave Rosey and I a copy of Primo Cranium this evening just because I'd asked if someone could bring a copy for those at the party to play. He's a remarkable man in so many ways.

Headshot of Shane

Anyway, pictures turned out okay, but I'm really noticing that the camera just doesn't work properly in low-light conditions, it can't properly smooth the gradations between subtly different colours. Still, for "hey look it's" photos it seems to do an okay job.

The mole wasn't an unqualified success, too much liquid by far in the vegetarian one (should have been much thicker), luckily most people either had never had, or had forgotten having, mole, so they didn't seem to mind.


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