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Sometimes the silliest little things are the most frustrating (Enough to send one screaming back to urllib...)

So, today was spent on (computer) house-cleaning and then looking at tools for the semi-automation of web-site reviews. It would seem to me that code something like this:
from twisted.web import client

df = client.getPage(

(though, obviously wrapped up in all the trappings of a Twisted app so that it gets called ...

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(Partial) success with the free compiler (mxTextTools-nr and SimpleParse running...)

Was able to get mxTextTools (with the non-recursive rewrite, for that matter) to compile with the MS Toolkit compiler. Haven't been able to get Numpy to compile because of a missing symbol (which appears to be ftol (as in float-to-long)), but darned if I can find anything which actually makes reference to the function anywhere ...

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Microsoft Free Compiler (Free-as-in-not-yet-working-for-me...)

Have been playing with the free command-line Microsoft Visual C++ compiler trying to build Python 2.4a1 extensions. Seems that distutils will need to be patched to make use of it (if it's possible to use it at all). Going to spend a few more minutes on it then head off to bed I think.

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