Interesting Star article on parties positions wrt copyright reform... (The NDP seems to be smoking crack...)

The article is summarising various surveys to give a broad-brush summary of the positions. Liberals are backing away from the (stupidly one-sided-media-corporation-inspired) stance they had espoused just before the election.

The NDP is basically climbing in bed with big-media and telling the citizenry to ahem themselves, for cripes sake, the WIPO treaty is basically a recipe for locking down culture as the exclusive property of big-media, why would the NDP even consider backing that?

Greens are coming down in the liberal-left territory, and the Conservatives on the libertarian right (which in the end is almost the same position for these issues). Interesting note that the Greens are suggesting Open Source + open standards for government software issues.

Quite frankly, enough to sway my vote Green (on top of the stupid attack-ads from the NDP, that is). Liberal is possible too I suppose, but I prefer to vote with my conscience. Suppose I should go to the meet-and-greet tomorrow to actually talk to the NDP guy about this freaky position. Sigh. More time.


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