Package tracking is addictive (I had no idea TigerDirect was a US company...)

My order from TigerDirect turns out to be coming from the United States... which gave me one of those uh-oh moments wondering if the prices had been in US funds (which would have put me way over budget, not just a little over).

Anyway, the parts to repair/upgrade the computer are in-transit from Chicago now, so I'd guess they'll be in Toronto by this evening and delivered some time tomorrow morning. Strangely, the entire package (case w/power supply, motherboard, memory, cpu, promotional DVD, and a couple of muffin fans) are registered as weighing only 12lbs, which seems ridiculously light even for just a case (though I may just be too accustomed to the incredibly heavy Antec cases).

While waiting, I continue to work on the importer. Not going well; it's still far too likely to mess up when importing messy data-sets. I'm getting to the point of having to model ambiguity, and that is never a good place to be if you want to keep a system simple.


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